Top 7 Winter Foods to Keep You Warm

Winter Season is often harsh, which can keep you under the wraps of the blanket in case you catch some cold borne diseases. You can enjoy the cold season if you take due care of your health and stay warm. Most of us gulp many cups of coffee and tea throughout the day to keep warm and fight the cold, however high intake of caffeine is not healthy. There are a lot of other high nutrient foods that can help you stay warm and fight the winter led diseases. The metabolism of our body goes down as the temperatures decrease, and immunity weakens. Thus the body feels lethargic, and some of us are often dizzy during winters. To stay energetic and warm in the winter season, you need to maintain healthy eating habits. 

Here are some food options that help you to keep warm this winter season.

Desi ghee

Desi ghee or clarified butter can help you stay warm as it creates a lot of heat in the body. Ghee is excellent for boosting digestion and helps the body to keep warm during chilly weather. Ghee is highly recommended in the winters as the body is less metabolic, and we may face constipation problems in winters. Adding Ghee in our meals is an excellent alternative to having artificial laxatives. Indeed, pure and homemade Ghee adds taste and nutrition to the food and helps in fighting the cold. 

jar of butter with spoon

Moreover, Ghee is also great to keep our skin moisturized as the skin gets dry in winters.


Ginger is a magic ingredient when it comes to combating cold. Its thermogenic properties help in boosting metabolism and wade away the severe diseases like cough and sore throat. There is no secret as most of the households always splurge on the right amount of Ginger in tea during winters. A hot cup of ginger tea or Ginger Milk is amazingly beneficial for your throat. Ginger added in any recipe can help you stay warm in winters. Ginger is loaded with health benefits.

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Tulsi or Basil

Tulsi is not just a holy ingredient but also a super beneficial herb that is rich in Vitamins, Iron, and Zinc. It can help in fighting cold and is indeed magical when it comes to curing diseases like sinus, cold -cough, and choked nose. Tulsi Tea is fantastic to boost energy and fasten the metabolism in the cold season. It can be mixed with Honey to create a potion to relieve the sore throat instantly.

Vegetables that grow under the surface

Radish, turnip, carrots, and sweet potato are some of the special winter vegetables, which boost the metabolism and fasten our digestive cycle in the winters. These vegetables are highly recommended in winters as they bring high nutrition and are also delicious. You can consume them in any form; however, a hot soup recipe is best. Vegetable soup and green leafy vegetables are a great alternative to junk food in winters as they help in maintaining weight as well as give warmth to our bodies.



Honey is a natural antioxidant and excellent to keep away cold and cough. It also helps in boosting the digestive system, thus cure constipation. You should always consume Honey in some form during the winter as it has many health benefits. A mixture of Honey and Ginger, along with some Talsi (Basil) leaves, is a great medicine to cure a cold and cough. Starting your day with a glass of hot water and a half spoon of Honey can relieve you from lots of winter borne body problems. Using Honey instead of Sugar as a sweetener is always a great idea.

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Sesame and Ground Nut

Sesame sweets are very popular in Indian households during winters. The reason is that sesame and groundnut are warm, and they help in keeping the body warm. The sesame seeds are high in nutrients and provide Iron, Minerals, and calcium for our body in the winter season. Consuming Sesame seeds is highly recommended by doctors.

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Using Jaggery, you can maintain your body temperature and fight the cold and cough problem during winters. Jaggery is highly beneficial in boosting immunity during winters, and it also helps in wading away constipation and gas problems. 


Consuming these readily available food items, you can stay warm in winters and enjoy your meals without any artificial substitutes. If you take care of what you eat during the cold season, you can prevent catching cold and thus save yourself from consuming medicines. So, enjoy these foods, stay warm, and happy in the cold season.

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